Originally delivered on 11/16/2020 1:57 pm

SUBJECT: Let's do this - Together!

Let's do this - Together!

Dear Cambridge Families.

As we are all aware, we are in the midst of another 3 day Universal Remote Learning order due to Covid. Though frustrating, we know by now that we can do it. 

On behalf of our PTSA organization, we ask you all to support the school and its staff by strongly adhering to CDC guidelines. 

We have been able to think creatively this year and continue to deliver high-quality programming by using out of the box thinking that complies with health officials’ advice. We all want to get out, hug each other, and celebrate life, but that vision cannot come true in the short term unless we all work together. 

So please, mask up, avoid large gatherings, and support our community in getting back on track. 

Let’s aim for a fresh start in the second semester for academics, spring sports, clubs, and all the other activities that make our Bear Family special.  

Thank you so much,

Cindy King/Malini Doyle