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SUBJECT: PTSA Senior Scholarships

May 12, 2021
PTSA Senior Scholarships

The PTSA Senior Scholarships recognize Cambridge seniors who have demonstrated exceptional character through school and community involvement, including leadership and achievement in academics, the arts, athletics, employment, and service to the community.

The PTSA is proud to recognize two students through the Class of 2020 Endowment Senior Scholarship:

  • Taleen Hanna, plans to attend Mercer University
  • Rachel Mason, plans to attend Georgia Tech

The PTSA is proud to recognize fourteen students on behalf of the 2020-2021 PTSA:

  • Ansley Cheshire, plans to attend the University of Alabama
  • Sydney Christiansen, plans to attend Berry College
  • Madison Cochran, plans to attend Georgia Tech
  • Phillip-Michael Collins, plans to attend Centre College
  • Kyndall Jenkins, plans to attend the University of Alabama
  • Audrey Kittila, plans to attend the University of Georgia
  • Pragnya Kumar, plans to attend (Unknown)
  • Sydney Lee, plans to attend Northwestern
  • Anvika Menon, plans to attend the University of Georgia
  • Sujay Rao, plans to attend Georgia Tech
  • Cole Suplee, plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kathryn Suplee, plans to attend (Unknown)
  • Essence Williams, plans to attend Florida A&M University
  • Ori Yoked, plans to attend Georgia Tech

The Scholarship Committee thanks our team of reviewers: Ms. Samiah Garcia, Mr. David Goldie, Ms. Rebecca Meeker, Ms. Pam Ainsworth, and Ms. Silvia Leekley.

PTSA Student Scholarship Chair Jenny Fettes


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