PTSA Board 2023-2024

Co-President: Cindi Alexander
Co-President: Colleen Kirkland
Secretary: Jennifer Ostyn              
Treasurer: Vijal Bivek
Parliamentarian: Traci Butler

Vice-President: Britt Chandler
Membership/Enrichment: Christie Estes

Business Partners Chair: Christine Parker

Parent Coffees Chair: Mimi Madrid

Vice-President: Chelsea Smith

Student/Academic Enrichment 
Vice-President: Lina Pieterse 

Reflections Chair: Courtenay Emacio 
Red Ribbon Week Chair:
Lina Pieterse

R.A.C.K Week Chair: Erin Winn


Special Events/Programs

Vice-President: Michaela Moeller

Special Education Chair: Meredith Brogan

Student Scholarships Chair: Cathy Lang

Grounds Chair: OPEN

Senior Events
Co-Vice-President: Cindy Terry
Co-Vice-President: Jen Drescher

Contact Colleen Kirkland or Cindi Alexander if you would like to volunteer to fill one of the open positions! 





Cambridge PTSA Mission Statement


The goal of the PTSA is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children through collaboration, commitment, accountability, respect, and inclusivity. Together we will support quality education and nurturing environment for every child!


The Cambridge PTSA includes as its goals to:

  • Advocate for the involvement of all parents in the education of their children;

  • Promote positive family-school relationships between parents, teachers, and staff;

  • Provide an open and respectful forum for the exchange of ideas and information;

  • Provide communication to encourage all families to become more involved advocates of their children and school;

  • Support partnerships between family and school to help all students believe in their abilities, and to work to achieve success in school, work and life.

Together we will support quality education and nurturing environment for every child!


Cambridge PTSA Bylaws




Upcoming Events

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