Executive Board

Interested in a board position? Please contact our Co-Presidents for more information or sign up on our Volunteer Interest Form under the Volunteer tab.


Co-President - Cindy King c4mak4@yahoo.com

Co-President - Malini Doyle malinidoyle@gmail.com

Treasurer - Becky Bryant rebeccabryant11@gmail.com

Secretary - Rosie Prattas rosiepanich@gmail.com


VP Finance - Mandi Paris parismandi@gmail.com

Business Partners - Amy Christiansen cambridgeptsavpfinance@gmail.com

Teacher Mini-Grants - Amy Christiansen famabcs@gmail.com

Membership/Enrichment - Tia Crawford tcrawfordoh@gmail.com

Student Directory - Claudia Zehnder claudiazehnder@hotmail.com


VP Communications - Claudia Zehnder claudiazehnder@hotmail.com

Electronic Newsletter - Claudia Zehnder claudiazehnder@hotmail.com

Media Center - Kim Macpherson kmacpherson@gmail.com

Front Office - Co-Presidents

Legislation Rep - open

Website - Claudia Zehnder claudiazehnder@hotmail.com


VP Student/Academic Enrichment - Rebecca Meeker meekerrd@aol.com

College & Career Center - Dawn Amstutz dawn.amstutz1@gmail.com

Reflections - Angie Dover adover2@yahoo.com

Red Ribbon Week - Cathy Sisson csissoninteriors@aol.com

R.A.C.K Week - Cathy Sisson csissoninteriors@aol.com

CBI - Amy LeTourneau naples444@comcast.net

Student Scholarships - Jenny Fettes fettesfamily@yahoo.com


VP Special Events/Programs - Krista Smith kristakimreysmith@gmail.com

Parent Education - Fairyal Halim kian116@hotmail.com

School Snacks/Activities - open

Staff Appreciation - Jeanne Longo jeanne.longo@comcast.net

Grounds Beautification - Andrea Bartels adbartels71@gmail.com and Amy Padgett amy@totaldental.com 

International Night - Pam Ainsworth pammerinatl@aol.com 


VP Senior Events - Natalie Spradling nspradling@comcast.net

Breakfast - open

Senior Snacks - open

Bridge Board - Jerri Hegwood

CHS Post/Dinner - open

Senior Legacy - open

PTSA News - Submissions

The PTSA sends out a weekly newsletter to all parents on Wednesday mornings. In order to include a news item, submissions must be sent to the VP Communications by Monday evening (email above). 


Monday evening Tuesday evening Wednesday morning, at 7 am
Submissions due Review by PTSA President PTSA news email is sent.



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