Parent Connectors    (FAQ further down)


Building connections with new parents when they join the Cambridge High School community and helping all parents successfully navigate school issues and concerns to support their student's academic and social success.


What is a Parent Connector? What can a Parent Connector do for you?
  • Parent Connectors are third-party, neutral volunteers who support fellow parents who have questions or concerns about the school or our community.
  • Our goal is to connect parents to community resources and support parent-school collaboration by providing information and sharing our experience
  • Fellow parents who have experience in the PTSA, School Governance Council (SGC), or who just know the Cambridge community.
  • Do you have a question about the school and don’t know who to ask?
  • New to town or new to Cambridge?
  • Wondering about activities or athletics at Cambridge?
  • Wondering about resources in town?
  • Concerned about your student’s academic, social skills, or other school issues?
  • Unsure about Cambridge’s policies or procedures?
  • Want to get involved in the Cambridge community? (volunteering, PTSA, Cambridge Athletic Association, SGC)


  • How do I contact my student’s teacher if I have a question?
    To prepare for future success, Cambridge highly encourages students to self-advocate for their needs. Students are encouraged to reach out to their teachers directly.  Students may:1. Speak with their teacher before or after class. 2. Request an appointment to meet with their teacher face to face.3. Send an email to their teacher with their question.
    Students are encouraged to copy parents on their emails to teachers to keep all parties informed.


  • My student has an appointment – how do I check them out?

    Write a note stating your student's full name, their grade, the date and time they need to leave school and include your signature, phone number, and email address. Have your student bring the note to the attendance office when he/she arrives at school that morning and he/she will receive a pass excusing him/her from class at the appropriate time. Your student will show the pass to his/her teacher and then head to the attendance office to sign out. If your student has a vehicle they may leave after signing out. If you are picking your student up - you will need to park in a visitor parking spot (or park briefly in the front-drive) and enter the front of the school to meet your student at the attendance office.


  • My student had an appointment this morning – how do I check them in?

    Have your student bring a medical/dental or appointment excuse note to the attendance office when he/she arrives at school after the appointment. Submitting a medical note will result in an "excused" absence. If you do not have a medical note, please have your student bring in a parent/guardian note. Please be aware a parent/guardian note may not result in an "excused" absence.



  • I need to check my student out and didn’t send them in with a note this morning. What do I do?

    Come a little early to pick your student up for the appointment so that you can come into the attendance office and sign your student out. You will need to show identification when signing your student out. The attendance office will then send a pass to your student's class for your student to come to the attendance office for check-out.



  • Can my student get additional help if needed? Help sessions? Tutoring?

    Many teachers offer help sessions before or after school, which they will go over with your student at the start of the school year and upon request. Many of our honor societies also offer free peer tutoring. Check with the faculty advisor of the subject's honor society if you are interested in hearing more details. There are also PAWS support classes that your student can sign up to attend as needed. Teachers can also assign your student to a PAWS support class as needed. PAWS meets twice per week from September - March.  Our counseling department also publishes a list of private tutors on its website as a service to our community.  Cambridge High School does not endorse any particular tutor.  The list can be found here:



  • How do I put money in my student's lunch account? 



  • How do I gain access to my student's grades?

    From the Cambridge website click on the tab "Student & Families" and then "Parent/Student Portal" and you will be redirected to Fulton County's Infinite Campus page where you can follow the instructions to obtain access to information including grades, attendance, assignments, and school announcements. You will need your student’s ID number.  If you have more than one student, you can add them and have access to all your students on one page by toggling between them at the top right.



  • My new student would like to drive to school. Where and how do they get a parking pass?

    Parking on campus is limited. The spots are offered to Seniors first, and then Juniors (by lottery) if available. There is a form to be completed and copies of the student's drivers license and valid insurance card and a fee for the pass. Senior parking applications can be found here: There is additional parking available at Stonecreek and Morning Star for a fee.  



  • Where does my student go to obtain a Student Device, a locker, or student ID.

    Student Device: Go to the "Student & Families" section on the Cambridge website. Then, click on the "Student Device" tab.  You will need to complete the User Agreement through ZippSlip.  If you do not have a ZippSlip account, you will need to create one.  If you already have a ZippSlip account, you will just log in with your username and password.  Once the device user agreement is completed, your student can obtain his/her Student Device by visiting the Student Center (library) and speaking with one of the helpful representatives at the main desk.
    Locker: Not all students choose to have a locker, but if your student would like one, they should speak with the main office. There is a fee for use of a locker.
    Student ID: After your student is registered at Cambridge they will be assigned a student number that they will use throughout their Cambridge experience.  This number can be found at the top of the student schedule. A student ID card will be issued after yearbook photos are taken.  If students lose their ID card, they may have another one printed in the front office for a fee.  Students are expected to wear their student ID's while on campus. 



  • Do you have any programs for my transfer/new student to more easily assimilate?

    We highly recommend that your new student get involved in order to help make both their social and educational transition easier. Cambridge has multiple sports, music, artistic and academic activities as well as more than 90 student-lead clubs. With this many opportunities - there is sure to be something for everyone. In addition, there is a group called Bear Ambassadors which is a student-run club focused on supporting students new to Cambridge High School. If your student has not been connected with a Bear Ambassador already upon registration/arrival - have them ask in counseling to be connected with one. The counseling department attempts to connect students with similar interests in hopes that they may form a lasting connection. These ambassadors can take your student on a tour of our school, help him/her find their classes, and answer any questions your student may have about Cambridge High School. There will also be activities throughout the year to help your new student meet other students such as a new student breakfast to which an invitation will be sent out to your student at school.



  • My student is experiencing a challenge with a class/student/teacher, how should he/she handle it?

    Educational partnerships between students, teachers, parents, administrator, and other staff members is key. If a student is experiencing a challenge with a class/student/teacher, the first place to go for support is to speak directly with the teacher. Challenges are best resolved at the level of those who are most directly involved (i.e., teacher/student or teacher/student/parent).






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